The main goal of the INLEARN project is to introduce comprehensive methodologies and implementation of e-learning systems, which would serve as the basis for future implementation of distance learning. The project is implemented by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia as the coordinating institution, and the Integrated Business Faculty as the beneficiary institution.

The project has three components:

  1. Research and evaluation of the current e-learning implementation at the institution, resulting in knowledge exchange and workshops to initiate significant improvements
  2. Research the necessary infrastructure and prerequisites for implementation and management of distance learning systems, which can be utilized by the beneficiary, but also by other HEIs in the country.
  3. Development of capacities and capabilities for implementation of modern e-learning systems and their integration as the core of distance learning modules in the Republic of Macedonia, as well as the publishing of a Guide for implementing e-learning and distance learning systems, best-practices-based.

The objectives of the INLEARN project are:

  1. To identify the main trends in the development of European education, with particular focus on e-learning and distance learning best practices.
  2. To understand the technical feasibility and infrastructure needed for implementing e-learning and distance learning systems.
  3. To set the method for the development of new distance-learning programs designed to provide students with skills and competencies equal to traditional learning.
  4. To develop a process to provide adequate support to the institution and students, so that they can receive feedback and communicate with the teaching staff and mentors.
  5. To develop comprehensive Guidelines, based on knowledge sharing and best practices, useful for implementing e-learning and distance learning systems and taking into consideration the Beneficiary’s educational context and its final users’ needs.

The expected short- and long-term project results are:

Short-term expected results:

– Introducing the best practices in education and training systems of the Beneficiary HEI;

– Supporting the strategy through project activities and in the attending institution with a higher HEI from the European Union countries (Italy), as a partner of the IBF institution;

– Preparation of Guidelines for e-learning and distance learning systems implementation in the Republic of North Macedonia, that will facilitate quality, affordable, flexible online undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs, valuable both personally and professionally for the Republic of North Macedonia students;

Long-term expected results:

– Hardening the guide by which the future of education will be a model in which information is obtained online and in which students will use interactive learning to gain experience, complementing traditional lecturing;

– Through the implementation of the INLEARN Guidelines, the Beneficiary aim to become a trend among Macedonian students in the online market for study programs and to strengthen the cooperation with institutions in the same country, employers and private educational institutions;