As part of the project activities of the INLEARN project, a kick-off meeting was organized virtually in February, 2020. The aim of this virtual kick-off meeting was for the project partners to agree on the main project details and set up the project structure and timeframe for the implementation of all planned project activities.

The one – day kick-off meeting started with the project team introducing each other and discussing the timeframe and main project details. Afterwards, the project team members from both institutions took turns in discussing the project activities and outputs in greater detail. The initial structure and context as well as the timeframe of completing the Feasibility study was agreed upon. Furthermore, initial plans for the organization of the 5-day training week were made.

The INLEARN Project has officially started its implementation in the beginning of January 2020, funded by the Know – How Exchange Programme (KEP) Italy 2019, supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI).

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